Our Mission

I have been a mortgage broker for the past 13 years and am now in a position where I would like to give back to the community. 


Loans For Change was set up with the intention of lending a hand to local charities by passing on a share of the commission we receive from lenders when we help you out with your home loan.


By coming to us instead of going to directly to a bank, you can use your home loan to help fund one of the many organisations we support. Or, if you would like to choose your own organisation to support, we would be more than happy to make this happen.


Working in finance doesn't always lend itself to enable oneself to support charity groups, but I hope that over time my endeavors through Loans For Change will make a difference to the local charity groups we are supporting.


Brokers get paid an upfront commission and a trailing commission on the balance of the loan each month. On a loan of $500,000, the organisation would get paid around $600 of the upfront commission and would donate 30% on our trail commission each year for the life of the loan. Over 5 years the amount paid would be around $3000.

Whilst Loans for Change is only a burgeoning organisation, we hope that in time we will be able to say that we have made a worthwhile contribution to our community and set up an ongoing donation stream

David Cosgrove

Mortgage Adviser at KeyInvest